I publicly support any person who is willing to divulge governmental abuses of power to the general public at their own expense. Furthermore, regardless of whether such disclosures are for the glory of the whistleblower or are purely altruistic in nature is entirely irrelevant to the information learned.

It is no surprise that various state officials are insistent to mislabel these individuals as criminals and in some cases domestic terrorists.

Within the State of Texas, I would support any legislation that created protections for whistleblowers. Additionally, I would publicly encourage public employees to make any information about their government widely available to the general public through the internet.

Finally, my personal view of Edward Snowden is that he is a true patriot of the United States. I commend him fully for publishing his revelations and would push for any legislation that would grant him full immunity within the United States for his actions. The United States should be celebrating this type of behavior, not attempting to prosecute it.