"My name is Kevin Ludlow. My opponent is a 21-year incumbent who supports a state income tax, stiff drug penalties, and remains undecided on whether gays and lesbians should be able to marry. She is also being criminally investigated by the Texas Rangers for serious ethics violations. Please help me unseat her this November."

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Sensible Drug Reform Sensible Drug Reform

We waste millions of dollars and destroy people's lives over senseless drug policies. It's high time we ended this madness.
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LGBT Rights LGBT Rights

LGBT Texans deserve the same benefits, protections, and titles afforded to heterosexual individuals.
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Stopping the TSA Stopping the TSA

The TSA violates individual liberties as much as any one group can. Texas can end this practice at home.
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Kevin Ludlow

"It's time we stop letting career politicians dictate the direction of individual freedom."

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Officers having "lawfully detained" me after searching my home with their guns drawn.

On Wednesday afternoon I received a call that my cleaning lady had APD called on her for being a "suspicious person" in my house. When the police showed up, they claimed they smelled marijuana on her. I was called to deal with the situation and was promptly detained by officers who had already decided to enter my home, search it with guns drawn, and hold me there while their supervisor "made a decision". Of course there was nothing in my home and yet, our laws somehow justify this madness.

The War on Drugs is a dangerous, abject failure. While I ultimately didn't have to deal with any real consequences in this situation, it is an absolute travesty that time and money is spent on this. The fact that armed people went through my home is a disgusting and disturbing thought. And if I were a minority, it's almost certain that I would have been booked in jail.

My opponent, Texas State Representative Dawnna Dukes, will of course not discuss this reality despite the fact that for such a minority-rich area, this poses a substantial problem to residents of House District 46.

Please feel free to share this video if you're so inclined (apologies for the length).

For three weeks in a row now I have been creating videos challenging Ms. Dawnna Dukes to a debate. I've even offered to pay all expenses related to it. Not only has she ignored my requests, but she has even gone so far as to block me from her Facebook page; I can't even view my State Representative's social media posts. It seems that she has risen high enough in the political ranks whereby civil discourse is no longer a necessity for her version of democracy.

Last week I referred to Dawnna's support of corporal punishment. I was very surprised to see her take this position given her credentials of working with children. The week before that I discussed her apparent support of the War on Drugs. Despite my efforts, she continues to ignore me.

In this third video I focus on Ms. Dukes' desire to see Texas adopt a state income tax. I'm genuinely curious to hear her defend this position, but make the assumption that she is trying to protect people from being displaced with rising costs. I state three different counter arguments to this assumption and briefly contrast income tax and property taxes.

I truly believe that many of our greatest problems could be solved if only we would hold politicians accountable to their words and actions. So long as I am competing for a seat in the legislature I will certainly do just that. I would strongly encourage you to contact Ms. Dukes' office and request that she comment on these positions.

Last week I created a video challenging my opponent, 19-year incumbent Dawnna Dukes, to a debate. I posted the video to her Facebook and Twitter accounts and also sent her campaign a personal email with the request. One week later and I still have yet to receive a response. I did discover that I've been blocked from her Facebook wall. This seems a little unfair given that she is my current State Representative and I've only contacted her three times throughout the entire campaigning process. But then again, it seems she is intent to ignore any competition.

In this second video I focus on HB359, a bill which ultimately authorizes school districts to use corporal punishment on students unless a parent or legal guardian opts the child out in writing. Much to my surprise, Ms. Dukes voted in favor of the bill, a position I most certainly do not agree with.

I also illustrate once again how the the Democrats have been attacking Attorney General Greg Abbott for turning down a debate with Wendy Davis. Will Hailer, executive director for the Democratic Party of Texas, went so far as to say, "Attorney General Greg Abbott is a coward. ...he and his team have a fundamental disrespect for Texans and he is unwilling to have his ideas questioned by the press and everyday voters." I hope he feels the same way about members of his own party being unwilling to debate their opponents.

If you can spare five minutes of your day, please encourage Ms. Dukes and her campaign team to take me up on my offer. I believe the citizens of Texas House District 46 deserve to hear new political ideas.